Family Prayer for August, 2012

Family Prayer for St. James A.C.C., San Antonio (August, 2012)

Family Prayer is one of the most natural of human instincts. Prayer is communication with God; it is exploring the mind of God; it is placing ourselves in God’s hands; it is talking with God; it is spending time with God.

Prayer is the means by which God’s power is released into human life. Are prayers always answered? YES, they are! Though not always in just the way that we anticipate.

There are five (5) distinct aspects of prayer: Adoration; Confession; Intercession; Petition; and Thanksgiving. By using all of these your prayer-life will be fully rounded.

Our Book of Common Prayer has two sets of Family Prayer found on pages 587 – 593. They are divided into Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer. It is best to use Morning Prayer when the family is praying together before Noon and Evening Prayer when praying together in the afternoon and evening. If you are rushed for time you will find a shorter form of each on pages 592 and 593.

Begin family prayer time with a few moments of complete silence. Then always follow this silence with the Lord’s Prayer followed by the collect for the day. The collect for the day is always the collect for the previous Sunday.

Use the following schedule for Family Prayer through the month of July:

Aug. 5 – Aug. 11, 2012: The Collect for Trinity Nine on page 200 of the BCP.  Psalms for the week are: Sun. 115; Mon. 2; Tues. 5; Wed. 9, 138; Thurs. 10; Fri. 22; Sat. 18:1-20.

Aug. 12 – Aug. 18, 2012: The Collect for Trinity Ten on page 203 of the BCP. Psalms for the week are: Sun. 145; Mon. 40:1-16; Tues. 41; Wed. 44; Thurs. 49; Fri. 51; and Sat. 66.

Aug. 19 – Aug. 25, 2012: The Collect for Trinity Eleven on page 204 of the BCP. Psalms for the week are: Sun. 124; Mon. 71; Tues. 73; Wed. 87; Thurs. 92; Fri. 94, and Sat. 96.

Aug. 26 – Sept. 1, 2012: The Collect for Trinity Twelve on page 206 of the BCP. Psalms for the week are: Sun. 139; Mon. 107:1-16; Tues. 115; Wed. 125; Thurs. 137:1-6 &138; Fri. 142; and Sat. 147.

Sept. 2 – Sept. 8, 2012: The Collect for Trinity Thirteen on page 207 of the BCP. Psalms for the week are: Sun. 104; Mon. 7; Tues. 16; Wed. 17; Thurs. 25; Fri. 32; Sat. 31.

Visit, we beseech thee, O Lord, our homes, and drive far from them all snares of the enemy: let thy holy Angels dwell therein to preserve us in peace, and let thy blessing be ever upon us; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.  (Fr. Bordner, August 2012)

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